How to Use Census Microdata to Analyze High Speed Internet in Kentucky

This post is a start to finish descriptive analysis of high speed internet access in Kentucky, including tables, graphs, and maps. All of the detail of cleaning the data and iterating while exploring the data is included. This makes for a rather lengthy post, but it also makes it relatively unique in including all of those steps. We go through five attempts at making a table of high speed internet before finally getting it right! There’s quite a bit of cleaning work and then also a detour into calculating standard errors via bootstrap so we can correctly display uncertainty in our visuals.

Race in the US

I do not know what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. No one does. A great deal, however, is known about race in the United States. If, as media reports continue to say, this case raises questions and starts a discussion about race then surely the place to start is with those who have already been asking and answering questions about race for a long time. There is a vast academic literature on the impact of race in the U.

Bible and Public Policy

I am frequently asked what Jesus has to do with public policy. It is a difficult question to answer, because Jesus didn’t live in a participatory democracy in which he could clearly let us know his stand on the political controversies of the day. He lived in an occupied land where ultimate political power rested with the Roman empire and the proximate political power was the Sanhedrin (the Jewish court) that ruled over Israel.